Thursday, November 4, 2010


Being home sick is boring! I've been told to take off tomorrow as well so that's what I'm going to do and I got some books at the library which should help but when you don't feel like reading, and you can't nap, and there's never anything on t.v... what to do?! I have this list of things to do before baby but they all require a little too much effort.

I was saying to Gerard that being sick and getting out of school when you were younger was more fun. I don't know if I'm romanticizing it, but I don't think you felt as bad and you were out of school and you could play games with your grandmom or mom or whoever was taking care of you that day, be waited on hand and foot, etc. My mom did come yesterday and took very good care of me, which I am ever so grateful for, but we did not play Memory or Chutes & Ladders. =)

And of course, how could I not mention the haps with the baby? I'm trying to get well fast before he/she comes. Had my 40 week check-up today. All well. Still head down, baby likely dropped a couple weeks ago. He/she's very low in the pelvis, and the abdominal measurements have decreased a bit the past couple of weeks.

Today is the due date! But less than 5% of women have their babes on their due dates. (Also, only about 5% of women have their water break before labor, which was a surprise to me.) Again, the focus is just on getting well, and not really rushing this too much. It happens when it's meant to happen, when the baby and my body are ready. And technically you're not considered late until 42 weeks, that is when you'd likely be induced at the hospital. Not that we're going to wait that long to get this business going, just saying is all. =)

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