Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby Showers and Rain Showers

Perfect weekend. Baby shower with gorgeous weather on Saturday and a nice quiet rainy morning Sunday. (The farm is thankful for that.) And we are so thankful for an amazing baby shower! It's so great to feel so loved, and get all this awesome baby loot... we're getting so exited! Gerard and I have been "nesting" this weekend too... setting up the crib, washing sheets and baby clothes, making space for him/her. I think they'll like it here in our little 1 bedroom... it's cozy and sweet. I reframed these sweet animal prints and we have one mobile hung over the changing area and the best gift EVER... a handmade mobile with origami cranes will go over the crib! That's from Sue and Aby, two of my nearest and dearest. I saw something a while back and said I wanted to make a baby mobile based off it, but never found the time/energy to do it. But the girls did it for me and it is so lovely! Hope to post so pics of it, and the shower in the next couple of days. And then photos with our NEW CAMERA, also one of the best gifts ever! Not to mention the top-of-the-line breast pump, etc. etc. etc. We are so so grateful. Love!

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