Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pea in My Pod

In the waiting room at the birth center yesterday
I was perusing Anne Gedde's book, Pure: My Pregnancy Journal.
There are lots of photos of moms and babies, simulating the baby in the womb. It was really fascinating. I sort of had this "Aha!" moment, realizing how there really is a little baby in me, kind of all just smushed up in there.
It's hard to believe, especially considering how compact I've remained.
But he/she's really in there. Just trying to make some room for his/herself.
Not too concerned about how it's affecting my bladder or ribs or muscles.
I guess he/she thinks I don't seem too concerned about them either,
all smushed and smashed in there. Poor baby. I LOVE YOU!


  1. You are a compact carrier just like me! Makes farming easier. Those basketball women could never farm for 9 months. I used to get so sick of people telling me that I didn't look pregnant. I just wanted to have the baby so that people would know that I really was pregnant, then he was so late, I was starting to believe them! Just kidding though, I did get pretty big by then. When steve called the market manager from market to say we wouldn't be there because Levi was born she said she didn't know I was pregnant.

  2. ha! that's hilarious about the market manager. i know; it's nice to have someone who relates a bit. but i think we were/are more compact b/c we were/are are more active/farming, etc., don't you? i think it's a good thing, and people are envious, but i'm also a bit envious of women who look more "pregnant"