Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flip it Like a Flapjack!

Yeah!!!! The baby flipped!! We weren't sure; we were doing all the exercises: anything and everything we could to encourage it to go head down. The baby was moving around a lot, and I thought I may have noticed some changes that might indicate a flip, but we were having trouble figuring what was the head and what was the butt and we didn't know if we should keep doing the exercises to encourage a flip or stop.

So I went for a quick check at the birth center and they confirmed by feeling head/butt, as well as ultrasound. The head is most definitively down. The one midwife high-fived me (yes!) and we were all so happy! I can cancel the appointment with the specialist. It is not likely that the baby will do any 180s at this point... I can get a belly band to further stabilize things down there. Thanks so much to everyone for your support, advice, what-have-you. SO HAPPY SO HAPPY SO HAPPY!

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