Tuesday, September 28, 2010


had a lovely 4 day weekend down the shore with old friends from college. hadn't all been together in 6 years!! mostly great weather, lots of relaxing.

today i was back to work and it felt kind of crappy. i was excited to go back, but it didn't feel good. combo of bad weather, body aches and pains, and feeling like i need to step back from some of the physical work but not feeling comfortable in doing that. i have been going so strong still, and feel good, but everything is getting harder. and will continue to i assume. plus, i need to stay out of positions that encourage the baby to stay breeched (typical farming positions like squatting, bending, lifting, great!).

i'm getting a little bit emotionally and physically exhausted and thought my trip away was the ticket to some rejuvenation. oh well. perhaps tomorrow my spirits will lift again.

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