Monday, October 25, 2010

9 days!

I can't believe the countdown says 9 days! I remember when it was 100, and I thought that was so little! This is insane. But when?! When will the baby actually come? It wasn't on the full moon like we thought it might be. Tonight? Doubt it. 2 weeks after the due date (I hope not!)? On Halloween? That is what one of the ultrasound technicians said but I didn't buy that. Although a Halloween baby would be fun. I don't think you usually have the baby on your predicted due date (Nov. 4th). Only time will tell....

Can I survive work up until the bitter end? I think so... but it's seeming harder all the time, even when I'm taking it easy. I'm so short of breath and tire easily. And the pubic symphysis pain is really over the top. But still, I don't want to use up maternity time pre-baby. Especially if I were to take off a week before the due date or something, and then go late, I would lose so much time with the baby after. I think I can! I think I can!


  1. i want it to be the 7th! so we share a birthday!
    scorpio baby. amazing.

  2. I've heard if a close friend's baby is born on your birthday, you are responsible for college tuition :)

  3. I'm sure Gerard is correct, but that person is first obligated to provide significan number of hours of baby-sitting services when the infant reaches the age of 1.5 months. Were you not aware of that detail, Gerard?