Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rainy Cherry Happy

This morning the baby and I weren't really that excited about the rain.
It started out to be such a nice morning, clear, sunny, cool.
It just felt like the rain put a damper on things.
But in the afternoon, for some reason, we changed our minds.
It felt like an adventure to go out in my green rainsuit and boots.
And I remembered lots of great rainy walks in the woods
with my mom and brother growing up.
I asked the baby if he/she liked doing what we were doing.
I think it was an affirmative.
We were pulling out old tomatillo and cherry tomato plants from the U-Pick.
Even though they're past their prime, there was still good snackin' on the cherries.
And the colors of the Sungolds are just so vibrant,
especially in the rain, things are more vivid.
Amy wasn't as keen on the cold wet afternoon.
But I still had a good time, working quietly at times.
And chatting and laughing with Amy and Aby at times.
I love what I do, even when it's crappy out and I hate it.
And I love my co-workers.
And my most of all, I love my little cherry tomato.

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  1. "I love my little cherry tomato," as I wipe a tear away from my eye. I love your cherry tomato!