Thursday, July 29, 2010


The week keeps getting better. My mood is much improved. The humidity today was still hard to handle, but it's fun when we can all commiserate together and laugh about how much Adam and I sweat.

I've been realizing how alive the farm is lately! There have been so many gold finches, and I think literally hundreds of swallowtails, as well as other butterflies, moths, and bumblebees, honeybees, etc. If you sit still and just listen, you can hear their vibrating buzzing all around you. And the flowers that they're perched on are looking so gorgeous! We took it all in today, taking photos and just wandering the garden. Hopefully I'll pick some nice bouquets tomorrow too.

These are the things that sometimes we're too busy to pay attention to, but they're so significant. Diversity on the farm is so important to us. We try to have a bunch of flowering plants at all times, in order to attract all these different types of pollinators. A diversity of species matters so much ecologically, not to mention how much we appreciate their service pollinating our vegetable plants. I was definintely diggin' the farm today, no pun intended.

I came home with a lovely looking eggplant and made delicious eggplant parm with homegrown sauce and tomatoes. That sandwich just hit the spot. And now, for dessert. Impulse buy at the store: double chocolate chip cream cake. Served with a nice tall glass of milk. Oh no! At least I'm getting some calcium in!


  1. I'm sure your baby to be will forgive you a few frustrated days. I'm glad your life is now filled with butterflies and flowers, the little one will remember those moments most. So exciting to read of your progress!

  2. the pictures are great! We have been noticing all of the butterflies at our farm too. It is too funny because I made our first batch of tomato sauce today and we had eggplant parm for dinner too! we had a side of pasta though, not sandwiches. I love cooking this time of year even though it's hot and I'm always canning tomato sauce.