Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Catcher

This is what I want my midwife to look like catching my baby... full of glee with a little bit of crazy mixed in. Haha.

Having a nice weekend, though it is still hot! We had an event at the farm yesterday, with a tour, panel, cooking demo/lunch. This was organized by Katie Cavuto Boyle, a local caterer/cafe owner. It was really great. People were excited about the farm, had lots of questions. Then I took a SOLID nap, which I never have time to do, and then back to the farm for an outdoor movie night. We watched "Big Night," which Gerard and I decided is definitely one of our all time favorites.

Got a lot of sleep last night and thankfully don't have too much on the agenda. I have to do a quick water at the farm, but beyond that I'm open. Maybe I will work on my baby registry or my never-ending project, the t-shirt quilt. Hasta luego!

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