Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Better day today than yesterday. Still funkified though, and still working on cultivating joy (in addition to all the veggies). And trying to see this pregnancy as the honor it is. It's hard to keep that in perspective sometimes, when there are so many ailments tied to it as well.

I was reading about how negativity and stress/anxiety can affect the baby's brain development and have repercussions down the line. The brain starts getting signals (via negative emotions) like "It's a dangerous world out there," and then evolves accordingly. A brain wired for stress is supposedly reactive, impulsive, and short on attention. Dunno, perhaps it's all hogwash. But I think the best thing for the baby is to stay as calm, and content as possible. The Japanese have the phrase "Tykio," meaning "think pleasant thoughts."

I'm making my nice home-cooked meal tonight since it didn't pan out last night. Roasted shoulder of lamb from a local farmer that raises the lamb on pasture, and humanely. And balsalmic honey-glazed carrots from the farm, with some couscous on the side. Dessert? Either ice cream, or more local fruit with yogurt and honey. Hoping to enjoy dinner and some baby kickin' time with G when he gets home. Now, when the baby kicks, not only can we both feel it, we can see my stomach pulse out too! Pretty wild.


  1. Thanks for making it easier to comment. I am really enjoying your well-written blog. Thanks, Mira!

    P.S. Your new pictures are great ... baby is definitely growing.