Sunday, August 22, 2010

Barefoot and Pregnant in the Kitchen

Well I wasn't actually barefoot but I was pregnant and in the kitchen. Gerard and Aby joined me, and we helped execute an amazing Farm to Table Dinner at work today. Got a little wet harvesting this morning, but it was fun! All the produce was provided by our farm, or minorly supplemented by other local farms. We did cut flower bouquets for the tables, etc. Everything was so fresh and good, and the food was well-received. Really neat working in a larger kitchen too... nice big gas stove, huge braiser/skillet, etc. Salad, bruschetta with crostini, a spanikopita with chard instead of spinach, ratatouille, herbed chicken, and a mixed fruit cobber a la mode! Yum! There was even some standing and clapping by diners! Pretty beat now, but it was an another good day for the pregnant farmer.

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