Monday, August 2, 2010

Mr. Softee

It was a good Monday today. Got a lot of work in the office done, while our crew took care of business on the farm. And we did a lot of the final fall seeding in the greenhouse in the afternoon... bok choi, lettuce heads, and pea tranplants.

Then, an ice cream truck came and all employees got free ice cream! Who could ask for anything more? Of course, we all went a little overboard and got sundaes, which ultimately left us feeling a little sick, but still, what a treat!!

Gerard and I also had a prenatal appointment which is always fun (even when I have to get blood drawn like I did today!). We get to ask the midwives any questions/bring up any concerns, listen to the baby's heartbeat, etc. I always leave feeling so healthy, and like everything's progressing so well. It's reassuring. I gained 5 pounds, my blood pressure is great, and all is well. The baby seemed happy too... lots of dancing around in utero all last night, all day today, and during the appointment as well. =)

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