Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kitchen Catastrophes and Conquests

The jam I made yesterday fermented! We have blackberry-raspberry jam with some kick! Why?!? Based on what I've read, it seems it could be because I reduced the sugar amount... but it was crazy, I didn't want to use that much sugar. I keep trying to figure this jam thing out... to get it to gel the way I want it to, keep trying new things, new recipes. This time I used the pectin, but I screwed up with the sugar. Too many variables!

Other kitchen projects in the making...

A ground pork/roasted poblano cornbread tamale pie/casserole type thing. With sweet plaintains on the side. Yum! We got inspiration from a recipe, but are doing our own thing with it. I think it will be delicious.

Gerard's on the canned pickled beets. A lot of people don't like beets... give fresh homegrown beets a try! They are so good. Even more so in the late fall, after a frost has sweetened them even more. If you're really daring you can shred them raw into salad or with cheese and crostini. I love roasted beets, with rosemary, olive oil, and other root veggies. This season I realized how much I even like boiled beets with a little salt and pepper, maybe a splash of vinegar. And we're fans of the pickled as well.

FYI, at the grocery store today, my impulse buy was jelly beans. I also really wanted to buy pudding, but we're going to look into making it from scratch. =)

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