Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Benefits Shmenefits

Had a benefits meeting at work... not something a lot of farmers deal with. One of the more corporate aspects of our job... both a positive and a negative. But I am so grateful for all the amazing benefits and perks I do get at my work, don't get me wrong.

The meeting, however, was a rude awakening. Suffice to say, going back to work part-time (that's the plan after maternity leave) puts a financial strain on things. And insuring a baby puts a strain on things. And rising insurance costs... they put a strain on things also.

How do families do it? Stay-at-home moms (or dads) with one bread-winner? Working moms and dads, paying for childcare? Insurance costs, rising rents/mortgages, etc. It's all so overwhelming. I know we'll work it out, but jeez.

Does anyone know much about HSAs and high-deductible (low premium) insurance plans?
Holla at me if you do.


  1. Hey Mira, All kids whose parents can't afford health insurane are covered by a program in PA called CHIP.
    The cheapest childcare is by grandparents if they're available.
    Steve and I just signed up to get high deductible health insurance through the farm bureau. it's not great, it's just most people can't afford full coverage. That'll be an additional 530 dollars for our monthy bills.
    HSAs are not really insurance, just an income tax free savings account in case something happens.
    Hope that helps, hang in there, like you said it all works out somehow!

  2. I have both high deductible insurance and HSA - I've only used it a few times but the insurance completely covered an $1100 procedure and my regular checkup recently. You can use your HSA money for copays, prescriptions, etc... I hate dealing with this too but we have a great insurance broker if you're looking.